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The Application

CQN Advantage™ is web-based software that provides simple and economical contractor management tools. CQN Advantage™ offers an approach that is significantly different from other contractor management services. The application is modular and highly customizable allowing a maximum degree of flexibility for purchasers to implement contractor management tools that make sense for their business and their contactors scope of work.

CQN Advantage™ is an excellent product choice for purchasers that want a high degree of customizability and active management of the prequalification and purchasing functions.

No Contractor Fees

CQN Advantage™ is free for contractors. Invitations to contractors are managed by the purchaser with automated emails and access codes. Deal with bidders and contractors of your choosing and get needed information quickly and efficiently.

Customizable Questionnaires

Configure and deploy contractor questionnaires from a pool of over 500 onboard questions. CQN Advantage™ provides unlimited question sets tailored for the contractor category, risk level or a specific scope of work. Questionnaire categories include contact/registry information, corporate structure, capacity, financial capability, technical expertise, environmental, health, safety and quality management.

Active Document Management

Get immediate and ongoing value by automating contractor document management. Track expiry dates with real time reporting and manage document status notifications automatically. Documents are uploaded by the contractor according to purchaser requirements and are securely saved with 24/7 access. All online documents are available for viewing and printing in pdf format.

Contractor Assessment Matrix

This gap analysis utility is configured by the client organization to assess contractor suitability and compliance to corporate standards. CAM allows selection and weighting of questionnaire data fields against pre-determined corporate standards.

Custom Approval Utilities

CQN Advantage™ provides customizable assessment and approval tools. Users have the flexibility to use single or multiple gate approval processes based on the type and risk profile of the contractor. Identify compliance gaps and performance deficiencies and build effective mitigation plans.

Mitigation Register

Mitigation actions can be added, tracked, and managed as a part of both approval and general mitigation. Assign actions to internal users or contractors.

Automated Procurement

Manage the complete procurement cycle from identification of qualified bidders, through document distribution, to clarification management and technical bid analysis. The procurement module includes a secure FTP utility for transmitting large technical documents with ease.

Performance Review Utility

Assess and record contractor performance to identify improvement opportunities and effectively capture lessons learned with the Performance Review utility. Assessment categories include cost & schedule performance, execution, project personnel, HSE performance, quality management, tools & equipment, and labour relations.

Real Time Status and Reporting

Track and compare contractor/supplier approval status, document expiry dates, safety and WCB performance and more. Create on-demand real-time reports of contractor approval status, document status, questionnaire and document completeness, loss management performance and more with the integrated reporting module.

Message Center

Instant messaging utility facilitates prequalification or procurement communications in real time within the application. Use the Message Center to stay in close contact with your service providers and communicate important messages and documents within the application.