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The Advantage for Contractors

Benefits for Contractors and Suppliers

No Contractor Fees

Finally an online contractor management product that does not impose a fee on the contractor! Contractors pay no fees to participate on CQN Advantage. Contractors are invited to participate by prospective customers.

No Third-Party Desk-Top Evaluation

Contractor approvals are managed by the purchaser with customizable mini-applications. Contractors can move past cutting and pasting legislation into corporate standards and documents to meet administrative requirements.

Simple Data Management

Contractors input prequalification data to questionnaires specified by client organizations to the secure online database. Data is input one time and made available to current and potential purchasers at the click of a mouse

Efficient Document Management

Electronic document management ensures important printed materials required for prequalification and verification of work readiness are transmitted and retained in a secure environment.

Effective Client Promotion and Identification

Prequalification is the critical first step in opening business opportunities with your clients. Identify the services provided, areas of operation, corporate capacity and availability of resources.

Data Security and Access Control

Contractors retain complete control of online data and document distribution. Account administrators have maximum control of user access and security settings

Ability to Sync Data from CQ Network/Canqual Account

Companies currently active on the traditional CQ Network/Canqual Inc. system have the capability to sync applicable questionnaire content to your new CQN Advantage account.